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Noleen was founded in 1988 by Clark Jones. Clark was a professional Motocross and Supercross racer from the mid 70s to the mid 80s. During his years racing, he was apart of multiple factory teams: Team Mugan Honda, Team Husqvarna, Team Maico, and Team Yamaha. A lot of testing occurred on these teams; suspension, chassis setup, engines, and exhaust systems are all factors for a winning set up . In 1983 Clark was hired by Yamaha to race, test, make the Yamaha wrench reports, and also run the pro-support and amateur teams. These experiences helped prepare Clark for his future with Noleen.

When Noleen began in 1988 their goal was to provide the best products, suspension and suspension settings to the public. They were contracted to run the Yamaha Quad Team as well as the Yamaha Mickey Thompson Ultracross Team. This was the start of Team Noleen Yamaha. With riders Dean Sundall and Lance Schoonmaker on the Quad Team, and Jim Holley, Kyle Lewis, Larry Brooks, and Shaun Kalos on the Ultracross Team; they would go on to win SCORE off road championships and numerous Mickey Thompson Championships.

With backing from the Sizzler restaurant chain, Noleen Yamaha was a powerhouse team! The high point for the team came in 1995 when they lead more laps and garnished more holeshots than any other team. That year, team rider Larry Ward finished the Supercross series in second place. The only rider to beat him was Jeremy McGrath

In the Mid 2000's Noleen worked with the Moto XXX team of Kyle Lewis, Larry Ward and Damon Huffman. The team finished top privateer in Motocross and Supercross, with Huffman finishing second in the AMA FIM World Supercross series.

Continuing in the 2000's, Suzuki contracted Noleen to setup and manage Team Yoshimura Suzuki's quad rider Doug Gust on his way to a ATVA Motocross National Championship.

In 2013 Team Motoconcepts hired Noleen to manage setup for all of Mike Alessi, Gavin Faith, Jake Canada ,and Kyle Cunningham's suspension needs.

Noleen also helps privateer riders Alex Ray, Dillan Epstein, Brandan Leith, Scott Champion, as well as many others.

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